Connecting Indonesian Timber with the world to ensure a safe and risk-free timber sales process.

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Indonesian Timber Exchange

What is the Indonesian timber Exchange?

The Indonesian Timber Exchange (ITE) is an eCommerce solution explicitly developed for the Indonesian timber industry to connect Indonesian wood buyers and suppliers with the world.

With the ITE, Indonesian Timber Merchants, Importers and Manufacturers can connect with hundreds of local and international timber buyers and suppliers.

The ITE was created in 2018 from a collaboration between the PNORS Technology Group and APHI (Indonesia Forest Business Association). The PNORS Technology Group has over 35 years of experience in the development of Timber software and is one of the most used and trusted software providers in Australia.

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Why Join the ITE?

The ITE facilitates the domestic and international trade of timber across Indonesia. It is the only website that is needed for Indonesian timber procurement and produces a list of international suppliers for purchasers to choose from.

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