Drive Efficiency and Accuracy in your business by connecting to your trading partners in the healthcare industry with Indonesian Health Exchange - an efficient, cost-effective EDI solution.


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What is the Indonesian Health Exchange?

Customers and trading partners are the lifeblood of most businesses. A secure method for exchanging trading documents and streamlining the supply chain creates cost efficiencies for both parties.

The Indonesian Health Exchange (IHE) provides healthcare suppliers and wholesalers with an efficient, cost-effective solution for conducting business transactions electronically with Indonesian hospitals and other healthcare groups. Incorporating a wide range of messaging standards for the health industry, including GS1 XML, the IHE ensures that documents traded between partners reach their destination quickly, reliably and accurately, regardless of the originating system.

The IHE has been established in partnership with The Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) a non-ministerial government agency who has the task of carrying out government responsibilities in the field of assessment and application of technology.

After a detailed assessment of technologies globally, BPPT determined to partner with PNORS Technology Group to provide this high priority solution for Indonesia. Other related agencies such as the Government Goods and Service Procurement Institution (LKPP) also support this initiative to establish a fully integrated trading platform adopting Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to facilitate trading between buyers and suppliers.

How the IHE works

The IHE uses EDI to grant users with fast and accurate procurement 

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Benefits of the IHE

Improved Patient Service Delivery

Early identification of health and medical trends to anticipate patient needs

Rejection of fake, incorrect or expired stock

Accurate stock levels to ensure correct re-ordering and delivery of adequate supplies to maintain patient healthcare

Reduction in manual processing allows staff to focus their efforts on other value-added tasks

Improved Accuracy

Electronic trading, or eCommerce, replaces error-prone paper orders and invoices with accurate electronic messages and eliminates the errors created by keying in blurred and hard-to-read faxes

Visibility of inventory for both the individual hospitals and across all hospitals at a national level

Better procurement and planning decisions based on the availability of national data

Overall Reduction in Costs

Time-saved in manual data-entry process in the accounts receivable cycle

Cloud-based - hosted using Indonesian infrastructure, therefore economical, easy to scale and deploy across a broad geographical area

Reduced Data Processing Time

Helps healthcare suppliers send and receive time-critical business documents quickly and securely

Efficient communications results in faster delivery

Improved Flexibility

The flexibility of the IHE also enables you to retain your current ERP system and still transact electronically with all your trading partners, irrespective of the ERP they are using

The IHE translates the format of your documents into that required by your trading partners, and vice-versa, with no extra effort on your behalf and without the need to change business systems

Improved Data Security

Documents are sent via the IHE directly into your trading partners accounting system/ERP so the possibility of loss of critical data through faxing and mailing is eliminated

Auditable outcomes with complete traceability of supply

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