HIMS is a cloud-based all-in-one  business solution for inventory management  specifically designed for hospitals and the  healthcare industry.


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What is HMIS?

HMIS offers a range of business applications capable of handling the specific requirements needed to track and re-order medical products.

Whether you are involved in a single hospital or many hospitals/clinics with central procurement and retail outlets (Pharmacies), HMIS can be customised to suit your current business requirements and evolves with you as your company grows.


  • Purchase in one UOM and stock in a different UOM – the system tracks and converts them automatically.

  • Automatic conversion and record of different foreign exchange rates.

  • Global stock visibility, central procurement, automated supply chain.

  • B2B purchasing using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology.

  • Inventory Management with full stock control.

  • Purchasing from one or multiple hospitals.

  • When they sell it will reduce Inventory/Stock.

  • Correct Prices are kept on file.

  • We can setup Automatic Purchase Re-Orders.

  • We can integrate with LKPP e-catalogue for product and prices.

  • Easy deployment - all features are browser-based.

  • Hospitals will also be able to upload products and prices that are not on e-catalogue so they can purchase ALL products through EDI.

  • Eliminate out of date stock/medicine.

  • Multilingual.

  • Hospital should never run out of stock.

  • Easy deployment - browser based, including POS.

  • Cloud or on-premises hosting.

  • Easy to scale from two to hundreds of branches.

  • Fully integrated POS with real time stock updates.

  • Individual eCommerce visibility if required.

  • Automated stock resupply.

Advantages of centralised procurement:

Allows for fewer overheads

Duplication of staff efforts and resulting costs are negated and all activities are standardised.

Volume purchasing means that better prices, greater discounts and more agreeable terms can be obtained.

Automated warnings for expiring stock and aged stock ensure that inappropriate stock is discarded and will not be used on patients.

Tailored workflows, utilising barcode technology, ensure the correct products are selected during all stock movements.

Minimum and maximum stock holdings to ensure all medicines, especially critical medicines, are always on hand.

Benefits of the HMIS

Benefits for Importers & Wholesalers

Visibility & Collaboration

eShop & Portal

Multi Warehouse & Company

POS & Stock Control

Customer Portal

Benefits for warehousing procedures

Rejection of faulty, incorrect or expired stock

Accurate picking of required stock

Accurate stock levels to ensure correct re-ordering and maintenance of adequate supplies

Additional Benefits

  • Greatly reduced manual and double entry of data.

  • Efficient communications, resulting in faster delivery of products.

  • Visibility of inventory for both the individual hospitals and across all hospitals at a national level.

  • Better procurement and planning decisions based on the availability of national data.

  • Early identification of health and medical trends.

  • Auditable outcomes with complete traceability of supply.

  • Cloud-based - hosted using Indonesian infrastructure.

  • Easy to scale and deploy.

  • Embraces new technologies and communication avenues.

  • Easy to extend to other Hospitals and Suppliers.

  • Material data accuracy.

  • Pricing accuracy.

  • Reduced error rates.

  • Greater visibility of lead times.

  • Customer service improved.

  • Accounts payable burden greatly reduced.

  • Cash flow management improved for both customer and supplier.

  • Increased efficiency has changed how customer service department is administered.

  • Reduced errors, reduced rework, lean (agile) principles.

  • Faster response to customer requirements.

System overview

  1. Hospital is in need of medicine, equipment, etc.

  2. Central procurement team utilises HMIS to order products.

    1. This is either done via the Indonesian Health Exchange (IHE).

    2. Through HMIS dealing directly with suppliers.

  3. Medicine/goods are shipping to individual hospitals

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