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About Pacific Commerce

Pacific Commerce is an Australian-owned EDI and secure business-to-business document exchange (EDI) services provider.

Any organisation can trade electronically with trading partners through a Pacific Commerce trading exchange, and the technical complexities are all taken care of by us.

By hosting trading exchanges in specific industries, Pacific Commerce can manage the entire procurement process for an organisation while ensuring that all of the standards and trading requirements of each industry are adhered to.

Pacific Commerce provides optimal solutions through superior strategies, appropriate technology, professional project management and excellent customer service. Pacific Commerce is a National Product Catalogue strategic alliance partner and regularly advises industry bodies on technical and standards requirements.

Our aim is to ensure the process of electronic trading is made as simple as possible so that any organisation, whatever their size, can enjoy the benefits and economies provided by our extensive EDI services. As part of the PNORS Technology Group we aim to enhance our offering by incorporating the complementary solutions provided by other member companies.


EDI Exchange

Pacific Health Exchange (PHE)

The PHE is a healthcare dedicated EDI exchange that provides hospitals and suppliers with eProcurpacement solutions

Pacific Commerce Exchange (PCX)

The PCX is a broad EDI exchange that facilitates the transaction of business documents from any industry regardless of standards and specifications

Timber & Hardware Exchange (T&HE)

The Timber & Hardware Exchange (T&HE) is a business-to-business electronic trading system (EDI) that provides secure document exchange between trading partners within the Timber & Hardware industry

NARTA Trading Exchange (NTE)

The NARTA Trading Exchange (NTE) has been created to deliver electronic document exchange services (EDI) to members of the National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (NARTA)

Additional Products

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(Master Data Management)

Boulevard is a powerful Product Catalogue Management tool(PCM) designed to empower organisations with reduced costs and product-related errors with a centralised management platform for the collaboration of content, pricing and product information.

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(Data and Business Rule Validation - NPC)

Distributor is a powerful data and business rule validation program designed specifically to help organisations verify product and pricing data before uploading to the National Product Catalogue (NPC).

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(Workflow Management Solution)

Clearway is a workflow solution specifically designed to enable organisations with considerable manual paper flows across several business units and/or locations with advanced online image and data workflows in real-time at their fingertips.

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