FIRST IMPRESSIONS.


                          PNORS Technology Group is an Australian-owned enterprise with a global outlook, comprised of a group of companies that provide integrated and complementary technology-based business solutions.   

                          The Group has grown significantly since inception in 1982 as a result of strategic acquisitions and strong operational performance, and remain committed to business improvement initiatives and acquisition opportunities that add value to our core business segments, support expansion into new markets and leverage the strengths and skills of the Group.


                          In  1982, Paul Gallo founded Disprax Pty. Ltd. to coincide with the development of the business management solution, Timber Industry Management and Marketing System (TIMMS), a software solution specifically for the timber industry. TIMMS, together with new generation cloud based TIMMSanywhere, are now the leading provider of timber industry software in our  region. Since then, based on our industry insights and market trends, we have strategically acquired companies in the areas of data automation, ERP & web technologies and IT infrastructure support who, whilst providing valuable services in their own right, provide a compelling business proposition when integrated.

                          Product Range 

                          Each member of the PNORS Technology Group provide services that are specific to their area of expertise, combined they provide a comprehensive solution to the modern enterprise. 

                          These include network and hardware infrastructure support (Netway Networks), electronic trading (Pacific Commerce, EDI), ERP and eCommerce software solutions including Odoo, TIMMSanywhere and specialised software solutions for the Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Food Distribution Industries.

                          Industry Experience

                          For four decades, the PNORS Group have provided technology related services to a diverse range of customers, including Government departments, Universities, ASX listed companies, the Health industry, Not-for-profit organisations and small to large businesses in a vast array of industries.

                          Office Locations 

                          Our offices are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth with senior representation in Wellington, New Zealand.



                          Each member of the PNORS Technology Group aims to enhance their offering by incorporating the complementary solutions provided by other companies in the Group.

                          Netway Networks - provide network security, IT support and strategic direction for customer’s information systems and technology requirements.  Our aim is to design, implement and support best practice IT infrastructure ensuring system integrity, reliability and backup services to achieve optimum business continuity.  Learn More...

                          Pacific Commerce - hosts and operates business-to-business eCommerce exchanges for electronic trading of business documents. Our aim is to ensure the process of electronic trading is made as simple as possible so that any organisation, whatever their size, can enjoy the benefits and economies provided by our extensive EDI services.  Learn More...

                          WilldooIT - Business management solutions using Odoo as a platform for ERP implementations, with seamless EDI integration and services provided by other companies in the PNORS Group.  Offerings include Odoo ERP, timber industry vertical product – TIMMSanywhere, and specialised solutions for the Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Food Distribution Industries.   Learn More...








                          Years of operation