Teambuilding, with a Twist

Free to Feed brings PNORS Technology Group to the table

Nicholas Smith


Free To Feed

Each year the PNORS Technology Group bring our national sales force and marketing department together for our annual Aligned2Acheive workshop. The aim of this workshop is to brainstorm innovative ideas to enhance the products and services we offer to our clients and to agree our financial goals for the next financial year.

This year, rather than the traditional night before dinner at one of the local restaurants, we chose to do something different, something new and exciting. We decided to challenge the norm and think outside the box to not only link a teambuilding exercise with a unique dining experience, but to also open our eyes and minds and get us to thinking differently before attending the workshop.

Free to Feed

The night before Aligned2Achieve, we gathered in the PNORS kitchen and were joined by members of a very special organisation, Free To Feed. Free To Feed is a not-for-profit social enterprise working with refugees to provide an environment to share the stories that led to them taking refuge in Australia and champion their unique skills – in this case, as wonderful chefs.

What better way to bring people together than preparing and sharing a meal. As Free To Feed say, they are a mobile cooking school hosting classes, workshops and community events – from the comfort of your home, in offices or in a group setting.


The vital resources provided by Free to Feed offer participating refugees an invaluable leg-up in opening doors and broadening networks with the ultimate aim of economic empowerment and financial independence.

Introducing our chef for the night, Nayran

Free To Feed

Nayran is an outstanding chef and related to us that as a child, she observed her father cooking dinner every single night. From an early age, she understood the importance of family and friends coming together to share a meal and relate stories from their day.

Nayran is a Syrian refugee who fled her home in Damascus in pursuit of a different life and an escape from the violence and destruction that was sadly affecting her family.

Nayran left Syria as a wealthy woman and due to an unfortunate turn of events, found herself with nothing more than the clothes on her back and the need to support her family. An extremely challenging journey eventually led Nayran to our shores and she is now proud to call Australia home. 

PNORS Technology Group

I can confidently say that Nayran’s story touched everyone in the room, with quiet reflections on our own life journeys. 

All I could think about was how strong Nayran was. I honestly don’t know how many people out there could keep going through what she went through and still sport a large smile. It was at that moment I realised what strength truly meant.

Perseverance is strength. It was perseverance that led to Nayran arriving in Australia, surviving two years on Christmas Island, leaving her life behind and trusting that her sacrifices would lead to better life for herself and her family.

Strength and perseverance are two words that I will consider regularly as I move forward personally and in my Marketing role at PNORS during 2018.

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About the author:

Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith – Digital Marketing Consultant, PNORS Technology Group

After struggling to decide where his future was going, Nicholas was tossing up between medicine, law, carpentry and just about everything in between. It wasn’t until a convincing voice turned him onto marketing and communications where he found his passion. Nicholas graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a background in marketing and a passion for everything digital. Nicholas is the Digital Marketing consultant and coordinator for PNORS Technology compromising of Datatime Services, Netway Networks, Pacific Commerce and WilldooIT.

Nicholas has been involved with creating, planning and implementing an inbound marketing strategy with a passion for creating content that pleases the eyes. His keen eye for creativity is sometimes so far out of field he doesn’t even know where he's going with his ideas but manages to get there eventually.