December 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to the December 2021 PNORS Group Newsletter.

As most of us count down the weeks until a summer break, the last month at PNORS has seen us gradually returning to our physical offices around Australia and happily, being able to meet up with colleagues and clients face to face.

I have been taking the time to reflect on the past 12 months and how we have continued to listen to your needs, whilst continually refining our flexible working models here at PNORS.

November saw us engaged in our 5th annual Client Satisfaction Survey and interestingly, much feedback focussed on support and communication.  I see this as a direct result of the IT and tech landscape we have found ourselves in over the past 20 months where we have learnt more about how best to work remotely, and how to access the best fit for purpose technology in communication tools, hardware set-up and network security.

We will continue to listen, take your feedback on board and maintain our investment in technology and training as we move through 2022. 

One of the survey questions was about current business challenges that could be solved with technology.  Responses were varied and included “how to secure our WFH spaces”, “we are still using too much paper – we need to digitise our paper invoices” and “business process management - automation in order processing, stock management and marketing”.  We thought it might be a good time to reflect on and update previous PNORS Group blog content relating to these subjects and hope you enjoy reading.

Finally, thank you again for your support and goodwill during 2021.  We wish you and your families a wonderful festive season and good health, prosperity and happiness in 2022.

Warm regards,

Paul Gallo


Pacific Commerce

In this issue

  1. Securing your WFH environment – hardware, technology and security

  2. Data Automation – hello to the paperless office

  3. Automated order processing, stock management and successful marketing start with the right ERP

Securing your WFH environment – hardware, technology and security

Many business owners, employees and contractors have worked remotely since March 2020 when we scrambled to set up home offices to ensure our businesses and livelihoods were not detrimentally impacted by the emerging pandemic.

In quickly equipping ourselves and our staff with the best technology to ensure business as usual, we may have initially neglected network security and accessibility.

Kon Katsieris is Group Vendor Partnership Manager and Victorian Team Leader at Netway Networks. Kon works with our clients daily and has seen first-hand the benefits of getting your remote set-up right the first time.  Regrettably he has mopped up some mishaps as well.  Let’s hear from Kon.

Read the full blog here

Data Automation – hello to the paperless office

The imperative to finally make that move towards digital automation and the paperless office was forced on many businesses as their workforce started working from home over the past two years. The physical task of printing and processing documents in the remote working world is simply not sustainable. 

The introduction of data automation, the practice of converting paper and PDF documents into their electronic equivalents, saves time by reducing the manual effort involved in paper-based processes.  For example, streamlining your Accounts Payable workflow by automating the entry of your supplier invoices into your AP system.

Felix Choo, Solutions Consultant at Datatime Services, has considerable expertise in this area and has helped many clients transform their business through Digital Transformation.  Felix has written extensively on this subject and provides the following timely advice.

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Automated order processing, stock management and successful marketing start with the right ERP

Automated order processing, stock management and successful marketing start with the right ERP

There is a close relationship between stock management, order processing and marketing.  The only way to take control of each of these inter-related areas is with an integrated ERP solution.  To automate order processing, you need an up-to-date stock system that reflects both current and future requirements and current and future stock inputs, i.e., purchase orders, manufacturing orders and returns.  Marketing teams can then rely on the delivery team to meet product revenue goals.

The advantages of implementing fully integrated ERP software, complete with project management, HR and incorporating website content management, eCommerce and pre and post sales marketing, cannot be under estimated.

Jonathan Wilson, Chief Sales and Innovation Executive at WilldooIT, has worked with 100’s of companies to modernise and streamline their business processes through the implementation of best practice business management software.  Of course, he is an advocate for Odoo, our cloud-based, ERP and eCommerce solution – one-stop and perfectly integrated. However, whatever path you follow, he recommends treading carefully, choosing your supplier wisely and offers the following advice to ensure the journey is as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Read the full blog here

                - Review your internal network with regard to security exploits.

                - If your current management systems are not yet operating in the cloud or not available to you on all devices, consider upgrading to browser based responsive cloud applications.

                - If you are receiving a significant number of supplier invoices each month, is it time to consider reducing your costs and improving data entry accuracy by investigating Digitalisation as a Service. 

                - Consider automating your interactions with your suppliers or customers by investigating the possibilities of EDI and if you sell into Government, Peppol. 

                - If you are considering upgrading to an integrated ERP, please contact us for an in-depth discussion.

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